Best selling product of the month: SaaS Electronic Health Record

Simple, yet comprehensive, Secure with customization capability in the cloud.

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Electronic Health Record

Web-based Electronic Health Record company APPCO in four versions hospital, clinic, office, health monitoring and a special version is available. All versions of the software designed for modular EHR and according to the need of the day is completely rewritten.Read More »

Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote management of network infrastructure and data centers (Remote infrastructure management) for the first time in Iran APCO offered by the company. This way you will always have a strong support team with the least cost to your organization will have.Read More »

Web based services

Aria parallel processing company for the greater presence on the web you can meet all your needs.Read More »

RPF based developing

Services provided include preparation of RFP, organizational needs assessment, counseling to improve workflow, providing web and mobile solutions for startups, small and large organizations.Read More »

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APPCO has always tried to take advantage of the best technology, software and hardware and the ecosystem itself is great for customers and employees. In this regard, the company has always enjoyed the best method and always on the move-edge technology. Seasonal software updates and the use of technology and software languages to date with satisfied customers are testimony to this.


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